Thursday, July 2, 2009


Pictures- Finally! (I didn't divide them out by the day- just added some pictures!)

Doctor Appointment: 2 Month Shots- I gave Lola fair warning and sugar water!

I thought she looked so cute on the table and so long... 2 feet to be exact!
She was being such a good girl! She loved laying on the noisy paper!

I put a blanket on her because it was a little chilly and she looked like she was in a hospital bed, so I snapped a shot!

Shots are over and back in the car. She did pretty good. And so did I.
She is looking at me like "why the crap did you take me to that doctor appointment again?"

One minute after the look. Dead asleep. Those stinkin' shots wore her out.

Bless her little thighs.
Three pricks and she had to take one vaccination orally.
Is that how you spell that? It looks strange.
And why didn't they have cuter band aids? Next time I'll bring her cute ones!

At home, back in pajamas and in for the rest of the day. She was a tad fussy and feverish so Tylenol was her best friend over the next day. All night she moaned in her sleep. It was so sad and I didn't get any sleep because I felt bad for her. Bless her heart.

LOLA ALREADY ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS- Check it out for yourselves!

Lola: Ohhh, what is this? I think it's the most fascinating thing on this walker!

Lola: Mommmm, can I reach the pink button in the back? It makes cool sounds and lights the keys up! Help mom!

Lola: Hey Mom, what you doing up there with that thing that keeps flashing?
Mom: I'm taking pictures of you because you are so stinking cute!

Lola: In that case, I'll make a goofy face! Haha! How's that mom?

Lola: Okay, now I'll smile! Are you getting these mom?

Lola: MOM NOT FROM THIS ANGLE- I look sooo fat!

Lola: Thanks mom- back to the better angle!

Lola: Hey Mom, Can I press this bright blue button?

Lola was being camera shy! Haha!

Aunt Keb and Lola

Lola: Do you know what I'm doing? It's my new thing...

Lola: I'm watching TV people, and I love it! This is how my mom is able to cook dinner... well, when she actually cooks.

Lola: I watch this cartoon called Charlie and Lola and it's so cute! I can finally see this far and it's amazing! So many more things to look at now!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I think I'll have to make a certain day of the week, the day I post pictures, because this is tricky and easy to get behind in. Maybe Sundays will be a good day to post pictures of the week. I'll try and make it priority so I don't get behind.

:) Nat

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Back...

I gotta' make this quick. Keeping up two blogs, plus all the daily pictures is a challenging task. Enjoy the pictures- I think they will be through this past Wednesday.
(Oh and I think it's so funny to see how big she looks in pictures of her by herself, but when I am holding her I feel like she looks so tiny and she makes me look huge!)

I know she is too small for her walker, but she seems to enjoy it. I watch her real close though because she can't quite hold her self up and when she gets tired she props her head up on her arm and uses her other arm to play with the gadgets. It's pretty cute. It also makes her take a great nap. I guess this is a lot of work for a 7 week old.

Gram and Popper came over and got to spend some time with Lola. Poor Gram- Lola burped a big one right in her face. That had to stink. I think I would have gagged.

Can you tell in just a couple of days how much better she got? This is the first picture and up top is a couple of days later. Fast learner.

On the way home from the beach. She looked like this for 10 hours straight (except to eat!).

Dad treated Keb and me to pedicures on the last day! How nice. We so enjoyed our Spa Pedis!

Clay and I picked this outfit out because it wasn't a typically girly outfit, but I put an oversized bow on her head to make sure no one called her a boy. Don't make fun of the bow Laura! :)

Feeding Lola at dinner while overlooking the beach. It was great. Clay came in this night so I was anxious to go pick him up at the airport! So was Lola! She missed her Daddy!

I loved this picture!

We had so much fun. I put her in the baby pool because the water was warmer. She loved it. She loved the big pool too though! My little water bug!

I could wake up and fall asleep to the sun rising and setting on the beach everyday!

Lola and I had a nice bath after we got settled in to the condo. She had crazy, towel-dried hair! Hehehe. :)

I only let her sleep like this when I am watching her, but isn't she adorable! I love it when she is sleeping on her tummy. She seems to enjoy it too.

From this view, and at this moment, I realized Clay is a man and father. It was an emotional moment for me at a weird time. I had to get the camera out to remember the moment. It still brings a tear to my eye... gay, but true!

Side Note: When I put the date on the pictures, it doesn't work right when I use my Sony camera, but when I use my Nikon camera, the text goes on clearer. I use Photoshop so if someone knows why this is the case, let me know. It's bothering me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This may be the last photo until I get back unless I get time to post one tomorrow. This is today's . Lola's hair was so crazy I took a picture. Girl, you better get your hair did. Lol~

Short Break

I am about to be going out of town, so I will post pictures when I get back! Which means at least 7 pictures all in one day! Cool!


My feet and Lola's feet. Clay took this shot and I took the same shot of his feet with Lo's feet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kept one private...

So here is the latest one I am sharing. Lola and I were playing smiley games while I was trying to work from home today. I spent all day trying to get the work done, but look at this fun distraction. Needless to say I got the work done too, just took a little longer. It's impossible to keep up with my hours when I am constantly going back and forth from work to Lola. How could I not? ... Anyways, I love this girl of ours... she's great.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

C took this picture :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello, Hello!

Oh, you say you have a question, ay?

What is this blog all about??

Well I have made it a goal to take a photograph everyday for the next 365 days. I plan on documenting this project on this blog and sharing lots of them with you guys! I have started this idea based off a blog I have loved looking at and just decided to go for it myself! So here it is...

Swartz Project 365.

I hope everyone can enjoy the pictures I take of my family and other bits and pieces of my life and my cute disclaimer: most photos will be taken by a new, proud mom so my blog may be overloaded with pictures of my baby girl and my baby daddy! :)

Gotta' love life. Lola is a 24/7 ecstasy pill for me... uh, mom, not that I know what ecstasy is like. :) Enjoy the photos. When I am done, Lola will be over a year old and Clay and I will be married 3 wonderful years instead of two.

The First Photo: